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Singapore Trauma 2012

Day 1

07.30 Registration
08.30 Opening Address  

08.35     A Global Overview of Trauma

08.35 Israel - "Strategies In The Planning Of A Mass Casualty Incident" Michael Stein
08.55 China - "Innovations in Trauma Care – The Shanghai Showdown" Lu Yiming
09.15 South Africa - "The Challenges of Setting Up Trauma SystemsIn The Developing World" Timothy Hardcastle
09.35 USA - "What Is The Future Trauma Care Provider?" Don Trunkey
09.55 Q & A

10.00 Tea Break

10.30     Hot Button Issues in Trauma

10.30 How Much Further Can Today's Medical Technology Improve Outcomes? Marcus Ong
10.50 Can the Singapore Trauma Surgeon Manage Combat Casualties? Philip Iau
11.10 PTSD: Lessons Translated from Battlefield to Civilian Trauma Gabriel Tan
11.30 How Small can the Forward Surgical Team of the Future be? Ishay Ostfeld
11.50 Q & A

12.05 Lunch

13.00     Breakout Session

Free Papers

13.00 Determinants of Resilience in the Aftermath of Disaster: Study on the Survivors of 2009 Earthquake in Padang, Indonesia July Lies
13.15 Changing protocols affect outcome of unstable pelvic fractures Mina Cheng
13.30 A 10-Year Profile of Trauma Admissions Caused By Interpersonal Violence: A Major Trauma Centre’s Experience Cheong Kaixiong
13.45 Use of Activated Recombinant Factor VIIa in Patients Receiving Massive Blood Transfusion Lim Chin Ling Beatrice
14.00 Role of Locking Plates in Treatment of Difficult Nonunited Fractures Ashok Kumar
14.15 Pitfall in Diagnosis & Management of Traumatic Retroperitoneal Hematoma R. Theyveeka

Critical Care: Beyond Resuscitation

13.00 Application of TEG in Trauma Management Addy Tan
13.30 Does Early Mobilisation of Critically Ill Trauma Patients Improve Outcomes Pradha Rajoo
14.00 Debate: CVP Monitoring is Useful to Guide Fluid Therapy in Critically Ill Patients.
Proposition: Joseph Lo (TTSH, General Surgery)
Opposition: Caroline Ong (TTSH, Anaesthesia)

Orthopaedic Mg in a Polytrauma Setting

13.05 Stemming the Red Tide - Management of Pelvic Bleeding: What is ideal? Prof Michael Blauth
13.30 Improving Fracture Outcomes in Polytrauma Patients - What is Our Role? Prof Michael Blauth
14.00 The Role of MIO in Polytrauma Management Diarmuid Murphy

14.30 Tea Break

15.00     Battle of the Wits

Honourary Judges: Donald Trunkey, Timothy Hardcastle & Ishay Ostfeld
15.00 “Only Senior Doctors and Nurses Have Power.  Junior Staff Do Not Wield Power and Hence Should BeAssessed Solely by How Hard They Work”
Proposition : Ramesh Kannan Yap & Aaron Poh (KTPH)
Opposition : Sunil GurpurKini& Pillai Anand (TTSH)
15.30 “The Progress of a Nation is Judged by How it Treats its Sick People”
Proposition : Sulaiman Bin Yusof & Derek Ho (CGH)
Opposition : Au Yeung Kwan Leong and Chau Hiu Wai, Penny (Hong Kong)
16.00 “The Surgeon Becomes Happier as He Ages”
Proposition : Lynette Loo & Raj Kumar Menon (NUH)
Opposition : Tan Nan Guang &Puah Ken Lee (SGH)

16.35 Closing

Day 2

08.30     Breakout Session

Neuro Trauma 

08.30 The Pathology of Neurotrauma Ang Beng Ti
08.50 Treatment Targets in Brain Resuscitation Ivan Ng
09.10 Role of Surgery in Neurotrauma Vincent Ng
09.30 The role of Decompressive Craniectomy in Traumatic Head Injury: Life after DECRA trial Lai Poi Leng
09.50 Q & A

Top 3 - The Trauma Chart Toppers

08.30 3 Trauma Misconceptions That Ought To Be Debunked Andrew Gunn
08.50 3 Skills Required to be a Good Trauma Clinician Chiu Ming Terk
09.10 3 Most Memorable Mistakes I've Made in Managing Trauma Patients Michael Stein
09.30 3 Trauma Controversies I Have Not Resolved....Yet Lee Kin Yan
09.50 Q & A  

Geriatric Orthopaedic Trauma

08.30 New tricks for Elderly Fractures - Advances in Ortho-Geriatric Fracture Fixations Michael Blauth
09.00 Optimising Ortho-Geriatric Fracture Management - A Multidisciplinary Approach Michael Blauth
09.30 Managing Elderly Orthopaedic Patients: A Survival Guide Rani Ramason

10.00 Tea Break

10.30     Trauma Master Class

10.30 Pre-Peritoneal Packing: A Dinosaur or a Way Forward? Tim Hardcastle
10.50 Multi-Compartment Trauma - Where to Place Your Bets Philip Iau
11.10 Pan CT Scans for all Major Trauma - Is it an Overuse of MedicalInformation Technology? Donald Trunkey
11.30 When is Enough, Enough – Management of the Moribund Trauma Patient Michael Stein
11.50 Q & A  

12.00 Closing and Prize Presentation