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Singapore Trauma 2013

Day 1

07.30 Registration
08.30 Opening Address Prof. Kandiah Satkunanantham

08.35     A Global Overview of Trauma

08.35 Australia - Can State Trauma Systems co-exist in One Country? Dr. John Crozier
08.55 Brazil - World Cup Mania A/Prof. Tercio De Campos
09.15 Hong Kong - How Effective is the Tiered Trauma Cluster? A/Prof. Gilberto Leung
09.35 USA - Challenges in Running a Mature Trauma System Prof. Andrew Peitzman
09.55 Q & A

10.00 Tea Break

10.30     Breakout Session

Myths and Magic: Trauma Care in the Emergency Department

10.30 Revisiting the Golden Hour A/Prof. Tham Kum Ying
10.50 Tranexamic Acid and Blood substitutes. Their role in the Emergency Physician's management of Trauma A/Prof. Goh Siang Hiong
11.10 Trauma Centers: Will Trauma Centers work in  Singapore? An Emergency Physician's perspective A/Prof. Mark Leong
11.30 Updates in Acute Paediatric Trauma Care Prof. Ng Kee Chong
11.50 Q & A

Trauma Updates

10.30 Rib Fracture Fixation: Where are we Today? A/Prof. Narain Chotirosniramit
10.50 Pancreatic Injury: To Operate or Not? A/Prof. Tercio De Campo
11.10 DVT Prophylaxis in an Asian Trauma patient Dr. Chong Chee Keong
11.30 Massive Transfusion Protocol: The Best Concoction? Dr. Jonathan Tan
11.50 Q & A

Neuro Trauma

10.30 Role of Decompressive Craniectomy in Head Injury Dr. Mahendran Nadarajah
10.50 Measuring Intracranial Pressure in Neurotrauma: Evidence vs Tradition Dr. Nicolas Kon
11.10 CSF Leak Post Head Injury Dr. Lee Cheng Kiang
11.30 Minimally Invasive Fixation in Traumatic Spinal Fractures Dr. Eugene Yang
11.50 Q & A

Critical Care: Painful Trauma!

10.30 I am Dying! But OUCH!!! Why Pain is Bad Dr. Tay Kwang Hui
10.50 Pain Management Strategies for Pelvic and Hip Trauma Dr. Vincent Yeo
11.10 Pain Management Strategies for Chest Trauma Dr. Stephen Chan
11.30 Post Trauma Chronic Pain: When and Why? Dr. Ho Kok Yuen
11.50 Q & A

12.00     Lunch

12.00 Lunchtime Symposium: Staple versus Handsewn Bowel Anastamosis in Acute Care Surgery-Latest Updates and Consensus Dr. Carlos Mesquita

13.00     Breakout Session

The Deadly Sins

13.00 Gluttony: Challenges in Management of the Obese Trauma Patient Dr. Kenneth Heng
13.20 Greed: Injury Prevention in Paediatric Patients. Can we Do More? Dr. Kao Pao Tang
13.40 Sloth: Pan-scans. Are we Getting Lazy in Assessing our Trauma Patients? Dr. Chiu Ming Terk
14.00 Pride: Emergency Ultrasonography in Trauma Patients. So Are Emergency Physicians Good enough?  Dr. Toh Hong Chuen
14.20 Q & A  

Acute Surgical Care: Medico Legal Implications

13.00 Violent Abuse of Healthcare Workers - Knowing our Legal Rights Ms Cynthia Chan
13.20 The Do's and Don'ts of Writing a Medical Report for the Lawyer Mr Lai Yew Fei
13.40 Forensics and the Trauma Surgeon: What a Trauma Specialist Needs to Know Dr. Rizal Imran
14.00 Avoiding Litigation By Trauma Patients: A Dummy's Guide Dr. Tan Choon Chieh
14.20 Q & A  

Ortho Only

13.00 Advances in Proximal Humeral Fracture Fixation Prof. Stefaan Nijs
13.30 Tips for Successful Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty in Trauma Dr. Lim Yi Jia
13.50 Debate: Clavicle Shaft Fractures Should be Treated Conservatively
Proposition: Dr Chawla Anuj & Dr Mark Tan
Opposition: Dr Bryan Wang & Dr Anand Pillai
14.10 My Approach to Clavicle Fractures Prof. Stefaan Nijs

Critical Care: Air Not in and out

13.00 Fat Embolism Dr. Lai Poi Leng
13.20 Management of  Bronchopleural Fistulas in the ICU Dr. Dokev Basheer Ahmed Aneez Ahmed
13.40 Pulmonary Embolism Prevention Strategies in Trauma Dr. Ng Shin Yi
14.00 Concepts of Resuscitation in Polytrauma Dr. Tan Wah Tze
14.20 Q & A

Free Papers

13.00 Utilization of Dedicated Whole Body Computed Tomography (WB-CT) For Trauma Patients in a Tertiary Trauma Centre Dr. Sam Wong
13.20 Non-Fatal Thoracic Injuries and Crash Characteristics Influencing Them: Real World Impact Data of Motorcycle Accidents From a Tertiary Care Centre Dr. Ishara Maduka
13.40 Quality of Life after Major Trauma - An Outcome Study Dr. Stuart Tan
14.00 Paediatric Trauma Score and Glasgow Coma Scale in Predicting Paediatric Major Trauma Dr. Lee York Tien
14.20 Q & A

14.30 Tea Break

15.00     Battle of the Wits

15.00 Music Helps a Surgeon Operate Better
Proposition:  Dr Kaan Hung Leng & Dr Frederick Koh (NUH)
Opposition: Dr Muhammad Ramdhan bin Abd Aziz & Dr Hng Mei Hwa, Joanne (HSAJB)
15.30 Residency Training Hours Restriction Produces Better Specialists
Proposition:  Dr Brian Tian  & Dr Chok Aik Yong (SGH)
Opposition: Dr Vicky Ng  & Dr Norman Tan (TTSH)
16.00 Male Doctors make Better Trauma Specialists
Proposition:   Dr Liu Huimin & Dr Junice Wong Shi Hui (Female)
Opposition: Dr Joachim Yau & Dr Tan Bo Chuan (Male)

16.30 Closing

Day 2

08.30     Breakout Session

Neuro Trauma

08.30 Coagulopathy in Head Injury Dr Pang Boon Chuan
08.50 Neuroradiology and Neurointervention in Traumatic Head Injury Dr Mahendran Nadarajah
09.10 The Challenges of Early Rehabilitation after Neurotrauma Dr Deshan Kumar
09.30 Pediatric Head Injury Dr David Low
09.50 Q & A

Acute Care Surgery

08.30 Drains : Friend or Foe? A/Prof Kenneth Mak
08.50 The Bleeding Colon: Colonoscopy, Angiography or Surgery? Dr Koh Poh Khoon
09.10 Managing the Critically Injured Obese Patient Dr Ganesh Ramalingam
09.30 Acute Care Surgery is Not Trauma Surgery Dr Teo Li-Tserng
09.50 Q & A  

Ortho Only

08.30 Debate: Plating is the Gold Standard for Humeral shaft fractures
Proposition:  Dr Kelvin Tan & Dr Tan Tong Leng
Opposition:  Dr Nicholas Yeo & Dr Nicholas Yeoh
09.00 Reconstructing the Distal Humerus Dr Andy Wee
09.30 Management of Proximal Ulna Fractures Prof Stefaan Nijs

10.00 Tea Break

10.30     Trauma Master Class

10.30 To MIS or not to MIS ? - State of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Trauma Prof Andrew Peitzman
10.50 A Rational Alternative to Transfusion Ratios - Is ROTEM Ready for Real Time? A/Prof. Philip Iau
11.10 Now, Later or Never ?  - Damage Control vs Definitive Repair in Vascular Trauma Dr John Crozier
11.30 Angels and Devils in the Open Abdomen - Factors Influencing Outcome Dr Carlos Mesquita
11.50 Q & A

10.30     Ortho Workshop

10.30 Workshop: Variable Angle Distal Humerus Plating
10.50 Workshop: New Proximal Ulna Plates

12.00 Closing and Prize Presentation by Dr Wong Soong Kuan