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Singapore Trauma 2007

09.00 Arrival & Opening Speech by Dr Lim Suet Wun
CEO of Tan Tock Seng Hospital and National Healthcare Group

09.10     The Golden Hour - New Ideas in Old Concepts

09.10 PreHospital Management - How much is too much?
Patrick Bade, Consultant, General Surgeon,  Royal Darwin Hospital, Australia
09.35 Fluid Resuscitation in Trauma - Is there an Ideal?
Andrew Gunn, Chief of Surgery, Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Malaysia
10.00 Hemostasis in the Prehospital Environment – Is there a Viable Option? 
Giacomo Basadonna, Professor of Surgery, University of Massachusetts, USA
10.20 Questions and Answers

10.30 Tea Break

11.00     The Aftermath of Trauma

11.00 Life After Trauma 
Chan Kay Fei, Head of Rehabilitation, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
11.20 Disasters in Trauma Care: Anecdotes of a Trauma Surgeon
Michael Sugrue, Director of Trauma, Liverpool Hospital, Australia
11.40 Are we there yet? - Key Performance Indicators in Trauma Care
Ian Civil, Director of Trauma, Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand
12.00 Prevention is Always Better Than Cure: Trauma Prevention Programmes in the U.S.A
Michael McGonigal, Director of Trauma, Regions Hospital, USA
12.20 Questions and Answers

12.30 Lunch (Lunchtime Symposium)

13.30     The Trauma Debates

13.30 “Doctors Should play God in Trauma Resuscitations”
Expert Panel: Patrick Bade, Michael McGonigal, Thomas Lew, Tham Kum Ying
Debaters: Dr Jimmy Goh, Dr Benny Goh, Dr Tan Wah Tze, Dr Fong Sau Shiong
14.15 “Management of Trauma Should be Left to the Trauma Specialist”
Expert Panel: Michael Sugrue, Ian Civil, Pierce Chow, Chia Kok Hoong
Debators: Dr Chong Chee Keong, Dr Terence Quah, Dr SS Sathappan, Dr Kenneth Heng

15.00 Tea Break

15.30     Contemporary Issues in Trauma

15.30 Clearing the C-Spine: Who, How and When
Michael McGonigal, Director of Trauma, Regions Hospital, USA
15.50 Failure of Non Operative Management - The “OPS” Factors
A.Vijayan, Consultant, Trauma Surgeon, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
16.10 Definitive Closure of the Abdomen after Damage Control Laparotomy
Kenneth Mak, Chief of Surgery, Alexandra Hospital
16.30 A Common Sense Approach in the Reduction of Mortality for Major Pelvic Trauma
Michael Sugrue, Director of Trauma, Liverpool Hospital, Australia
16.50 Questions and Answers