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Singapore Trauma 2010

Day 1

07.30 Registration
08.30 Opening Address Vijayan

08.35     A Global Overview of Trauma

08.35 Australia – Overcoming the Tyranny of Distance
Peter Bautz
08.50 USA – Role of Military Hospitals in Peace-time America Norman Rich
09.05 Thailand - The Evolution of Orthopedic Trauma Theerachai A.
09.20 Singapore – The 5 Year Trauma Plan – Where are We Now? Benjamin Seet
09.35 New Zealand – Developing Trauma in a Developed Country Mike Hunter
09.50 Q & A

10.00 Tea Break

10.35     Tech, Toys and Widgets in Trauma

10.35 New Ways of Making Blood Clot Mayur
10.55 The Evolution of Technology in Medical Support in the SAF Chua WC
11.15 Make Believe Trauma - The future of simulators in trauma training Mark Bowyer
11.35 Toys For Rehabilitation Chan Kay Fei
11.55 Q & A

12.05 Lunch

13.05     Breakout Session

Free Paper Session

13.05 Bone Defect Augmentation in Tibial Plateau Fracture Jakub Kozdryk
13.20 The first five years since trauma centre designation in Hong Kong Gilberto K. K. Leung
13.35 Pattern and challenges of management of nonunion and malunion in a tertiary hospital in Sub Saharan Africa. Anthony Udosen
13.50 Traumatic brain injury (TBI) admissions in a regional trauma centre. Does a pathoanatomical  classification system offer any new insights? David Baxter
14.05 Does Body Mass Index in Asians Influence Trauma Outcomes: An on-going investigation Teo Ying Xin

Controversies in Critical Care

13.05 The 3 most intellectually challenging controversies in Traumatic Brain Injury are.... Kwek Tong Kiat
13.25 When the patient is Exsanguinating.... Jonathan Tan
13.45 Burns-Related Mortality has Decreased Drastically..... Yew Woon Si
14.05 When the IAP reaches 25.... Mike Hunter

Ortho Only

13.05 ‘Raising the Bar’ – Role of External Fixators Khong Kok Sun
13.25 Role of Minimally Invasive Osteosynthesis in Polytrauma Theerachai A.
13.45 ‘Heavy Metal’ – Definitive Surgery, When and with What Khong Kok Sun
14.05 ‘Wii’ – Role of Navigation in Trauma Ernest Kwek

14.30 Tea Break

15.05     Battle of the Wits

15.05 Non operative management in trauma has led to an increase in healthcare cost, increase in morbidity and minimal overall benefit to the trauma patient.
Proposition : Ganesh Ramalingam/ Tang Shi Hao (KTPH)
Opposition : Sanghvi Kaushal/ Cheryl Lau (TTSH)
15.35 In the era of sub-specialisation, the role of a true general specialist is redundant and irrelevant.
Proposition : SS Sathappan/Danny Louange (TTSH)
Opposition : Lee Khai Pin/ Muhammed Yaser Hasan (KKWCH)
16.05 Despite the emphasis on evidence based medicine, superstitious beliefs influence the way we practice medicine.
Proposition : Goh Mui Heng/ Chong Choon Seng (TTSH GS)
Opposition : Teo Ying Xin/ Eric Wong (TTSH ED)

16.35 Closing Speech

Day 2

08.35     Breakout Session

Ortho Only

08.35 ‘Reaching New Levels’ – Tibial Plateau Fractures Wong Ho Poh
08.55 Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis – Is it that versatile? Theerachai A.
09.15 MIPO – Tips and Tricks Theerachai A.
09.35 ‘Toys R Us’ – New and Innovative Implants Ernest Kwek

The 7 Cardinal Sins

08.35 LUST –  Sexual dysfunction in Trauma Angelina Chan
08.47 GREED – Gangland, triads, mafias, loan sharks, territorial disputes, money, drugs, women (and ? men) Andrew Gunn
08.59 SLOTH – Good riding habits and also exiting developments in injury prevention for motorcyclists. Li Man Kay
09.11 GLUTTONY – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Doctor with the Hungry, Fat and Injured Patient Kenneth Mak
09.23 ANGER – Spectrum of gun injuries in the USA Lo Hong Yee
09.35 PRIDE – Novel Ways of Inflicting Injuries in War Mark Bowyer
09.47 ENVY – How do we recruit and retain the best talents Chiu Ming Terk

The Long Journey Back

08.35 The Survivor's Guide to the OR Crasher Patrick McCartan
08.50 The Holistic Journey Back To Normalcy PradhaRajoo
09.05 Feed Me Please! Kavita
09.20 Bridging the Gaps Karen Kwa
09.35 Great Ideas for Reducing Trauma Kenneth Heng
09.50 Q&A

10.00 Tea Break

10.35     How the Experts Manage Difficult Trauma Situations

10.35 Combined High Impact Blunt Trauma to Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis
Dilemmas and directions in management
A. Vijayan
10.55 Doing Surgical Procedures in the Intensive Care Unit Mike Hunter
11.15 Terminating the Futile Trauma Resuscitation - When and by Whom Peter Bautz
11.35 Quality Trauma Care - What it takes to deliver it. Mark Bowyer
11.55 Q & A  

12.00 Closing and Prize Presentation