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Singapore Trauma 2011

Day 1

07.30 Registration
08.30 Opening Address  

08.35     A Global Overview of Trauma

08.35 Hong Kong: Trauma Registry Data - Resource Tool or Dead Wood Ho Hiu-Fai
08.55 Portugal: The Trauma System in Portugal Carlos Mesquita
09.15 Australia: Trauma Deaths - A Tale of Two Systems Scott D'Amours
09.35 UK: Living in the Shadow of the Suicide Bomber Nigel Tai
09.55 Q & A

10.00 Tea Break

10.30     Austere Medicine

10.30 Opportunities in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations Martin J. Jarmin
10.50 Damage Control Surgery in the Modern Battlefield Nigel Tai
11.10 Managing Trauma in Natural Disasters: The Taiwan Experience Huang Fong-Dee
11.30 Planning for Disaster Relief Teodoro J. Herbosa
11.50 Q & A

12.05 Lunch

13.00     Breakout Session

Free Paper Session

13.00 Remote Area Trauma Education (RATE) Program Ronnie Taylor (Australia)
13.15 Factors Influencing Injury Severity Score in Thai Military Personnel Injured in Mass Casualty Incident on 10th April 2010 Nuttapong Boonthep (Thailand)
13.30 Crash Characteristics & Their Influence on Lower Limb Injuries Sustained by Riders & Pillion Riders in Motorcycle Accidents Ishara Maduka (Sri Lanka)
13.45 Evaluation of Ultrasonagraphic Assessment of the Inferior Vena Cava in Trauma Patients: A Prospective Pilot Study Ramesh Wijaya (Singapore)
14.00 Role of Locking Plates in Treatment of Difficult Nonunited Fractures Ashok Kumar (India)
14.15 The Liberal Use of Whole Body CT Scan for Trauma Patients is Not Necessary: A Single Centre Experience Lo Hong Yee (Singapore)

Critical Care: Massive Transfusion

13.00 Coagulopathy and Head Injury: Who Comes First and How to Deal With It? Pang Boon Chuan
13.20 Adjuncts in Trauma Haemostatic Resuscitation (rFVIIa, Tranexamic acid, Prothrombin complex concentrates): Evidence and Recommendations  Jonathan Tan
13.40 Damage Control Resuscitation Chong Chee Keong
14.00 Assessment of Coagulation System in Trauma Philip Iau
14.20 Q & A

Ortho Only

13.05 Debate:
Conservative Management is the Way to Go for Humerus Fractures
Proposition: Anand Pillai and Kini Sunil Gurpur
Opposition: Ivan Chua and Keith Lee
(Moderator: Frankie Leung)
13.30 Keep Your Head Up! Tips & Tricks for Proximal Humerus Fracture Fixation Lim Yeow Wai
14.00 Art of War - The Importance of Pre-Op Planning Frankie Leung

14.30 Tea Break

15.00     Battle of the Wits

Honourary Judges: Norman Rich, Kenneth Mak, Teodoro J. Herbosa
15.00 It is Better to Fix Pelvic Fractures Than Do Angioembolisation First
Proposition : SS Sathappan and Lai Kah Weng
Opposition : Pua Uei and Lawrence Quek
15.30 Senior Doctors Should Leave for Private Practice so the Younger Ones Can Move Up
Proposition : Jeremy Yip and She, Wong-Hoi (Hong Kong)
Opposition : Tan Toh Leong and Mohd MunawarHatta (Malaysia)
16.00 Looks Matters in Surgery
Proposition : How Kwang Yeong and Tan Yia Swam
Opposition : Lee Lip Seng and Ramesh Wijaya

16.35 Closing

Day 2

08.30     Breakout Session

Tough Decisions in Trauma

08.30 A Bad Decision is Better Than No Decision Andrew Gunn
08.45 Making Decisions Based on Evidence Philip Iau
09.15 Making Tough Decisions - It is Better to Be Feared than Loved Kenneth Mak
09.30 Deciding for the Patient Vijayan
09.45 Q & A

Emergency Medicine

08.30 What is the Ideal Fluid for Trauma Resuscitation? Narain Chotirosniramit
08.50 The Role of Hypotensive Resuscitation in the Initial Management of Trauma Hj Ismail Mohd Saiboon
09.10 When Should We Say "Enough is Enough" for Trauma Resuscitation? Timothy Wagner
09.30 Initial Control of Massive Facial Bleeding in Trauma Tham Kum Ying
09.50 Q & A  

Ortho Only

08.30 Ninja Warrior - How I Do MIPO Plating Frankie Leung
09.00 R&R for the Elbow Surgeon - Reconstructing or Replacing in Elbow Fractures Brian Lee
09.30 Hip Hop Moves - Improving Outcomes for Elderly Hip Fractures Frankie Leung
09.45 Q & A

10.00 Tea Break

10.30     Trauma Master Class

10.30 Top 10 Rules in Trauma that I Follow Carlos Mesquita
10.50 Endovascular Stent in Trauma - Where are We a Decade On? Norman Rich
11.10 SIRS and the Trauma Surgeon Norman Rich
11.30 Improving the Environment of Trauma Care A. Vijayan
11.50 Q & A  

12.00 Closing and Prize Presentation