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Challenges of Trauma Care in the Modern World

Day 1

07.30 Registration
08.30 Opening Address  Dr Amy Khor

08.35     A Global Overview of Trauma -Trauma in Asia

08.35 The Development of Trauma and Acute Care Surgical Units in Taiwan Dr. Lo Chong-Jeh
08.55 The Training of Trauma Care Providers in Thailand Lt. Gen. Prof. Nopadol Wora-Urai
09.15 Upgrading Trauma Capability in Macau Dr. Lei Wai Seng
09.35 Singapore Trauma System Dr. Chiu Ming Terk
09.55 Q & A

10.00 Tea Break

10.30     Breakout Session

Emergency Department - Trauma Master Class

10.30 Traumatic Brain Injury - To Cool or Not to Cool in the Emergency Department Dr. Wong Yulin
10.55 Chest Trauma - Updates on Management of Blunt Cardiac Injuries Dr. Elmin Steyn
11.20 The Trauma Airway and Rapid Sequence Intubation – What More is There to Talk About? A/Prof. Peter Manning
11.45 Q & A

Military Medicine: Challenges in the Modern World

10.30 A Path Less Taken – The Challenges of a Commanding Officer in the Combat Support Hospital A/Prof. Wong Merng Koon
10.55 Surgery in Austere Environment - Lessons for the Modern Surgeon Dr. Chong Chee Keong
11.20 Trauma Care - Technological Advances from the Military Prof. Frank Plani
11.45 Q & A

Critical Care: We Shall Not Bleed to Death

10.30 Topical Haemostatics: It is Here Dr. Tang Kong Choong
10.55 Pharmacological Adjuncts in Haemostasis Dr. Wong Paul Wing-Yan
11.20 Crystalloid: Colloid: Blood - Fluid Resuscitation in Trauma Dr. Tan Hon Liang
11.45 Q & A

Brain Trauma : What You Need to Know

10.30 Pathophysiology of Head Injury Dr. David Low
10.55 Controversies and Evidence in the Management of Neurotrauma Dr. Nicole Keong
11.20 Controversies and Evidence in the Management of Neurotrauma Dr. Rao Jai Prashanth
11.45 Q & A

12.00     Lunch

Poster Presentation
Honorary Judges:
Dr. Chong-Jeh Lo, Dr. Rizal Imran, Prof. Frank Plani, Dr. Elmin Steyn, A/Prof. Kenneth Mak, A/Prof. Marinis Pirpiris
Lunchtime Symposium: Advances in Intraoperative Hemostasis Dr. Kate Martin
Lunchtime Symposium: Strategies in Preventing Intraabdominal Adhesions Dr. Michael Sugrue

13.00     Breakout Session

Trauma Physiology: It’s NOT Just a Surgical Disease!

13.00 TEG / ROTEM – Uh What? Do I Need to Know This in the Emergency Department? Dr. Jonathan Tan
13.25 Fibrinogen Concentrates / Cryoprecipitate – Why Should I Bother in the Emergency Department? Dr. Victor Ong
13.50 Lactate Clearance and End Tidal CO2 Monitoring in Trauma Patients – Worthy of the Emergency Physician’s Efforts? Dr. Somnath Chatterjee
14.15 Q & A  

Acute Care Updates

13.00 The Impact of Pre-Existing Anti-Coagulation Medication on Acute Care Surgery Dr. Lee Kin Yan
13.20 Management Strategies of Deranged Liver Enzymes in Acute Cholecystitis Adj. Asst. Prof. Winston Woon
13.40 Role of Pyloric Exclusion and Drainage Procedures in Duodenal Emergencies A/Prof Kenneth Mak
14.00 Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury - Can We Prevent It? Dr. Elmin Steyn
14.20 Q & A  

Free Paper Presentation

13.00 A Critical Analysis of the Impact of Time Delay in the Outcomes of Patients with Gastrointestinal Tract Injuries in Blunt Abdominal Trauma Dr. Koh Ye Xin
13.15 Progression and Outcome of Organ Failure amongst Blunt Polytrauma Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit  Miss Malathi D/O Pannir Selvan
13.20 Outcome of Adult Trauma Patients in Intensive Care With and Without Nosocomial Infection - Retrospective Cohort Study  Mr. Cheng Ming Wai
13.45 Resource Use Intensity in a Mature, Integrated Canadian Trauma System: A Multicenter Cohort Study Miss Teegwendé Valérie Porgo
14.00 New Insights into the Pathophysiological Background for Damage Control Surgery  Mr. Michel Paul Johan Teuben
14.15 Use Of Fixed Angle Volar Locking Plates In Corrective Distal Radius Osteotomy For Fracture Malunion : Clinical And Radiological Outcomes Miss Sara Boutong

Orthopaedic Trauma in the Modern Era

13.00 Sharpen the Saw: How to Stay on the Cutting Edge of your Practice? A/Prof. Wong Merng Koon
13.20 The Importance of Being Well-Informed: What Research Means to my Practice A/Prof. Marinis Pirpiris
13.40 Hands Off or Handshake? Orthopaedics is No Longer Relevant to Hand Surgery Training
Proposition: Dr. Lai Jen Ming & Dr. Kang Yong Chiang (Hand Surgery)
Opposition: Dr. Sean Ho & Dr. Toon Dong Hao from (Orthopaedic Surgery)
14.10 Get a Leg Up! Understanding Amputations in Modern Trauma Practice  A/Prof. Marinis Pirpiris

14.30 Tea Break

15.00     Battle of the Wits

15.00 Trauma Resuscitation Should be Run by Emergency Physicians
15.30 Male Doctors Should Wear Bow Ties
16.00 All Work And No Play Makes Residents Better Specialists

16.30 Closing

Day 2

09.00     Breakout Session

Critical Care 

09.00 Airway management in Trauma - Beyond Basics Dr. Zhang Jinbin
09.25 Transfusion Stratgies in Head Injury Dr. Chong Shang Yee
09.50 Coagulation Assessment in Trauma: The Whole Picture, When We Want It Dr. Jonathan Tan
10.15 Q & A

Trauma Updates

09.00 Management of Occult Pneumothorax - What's the Evidence? Dr. Chong-Jeh Lo
09.20 Latest Strategies in Managing Penetrating Neck Trauma Dr. Rizal Imran
09.40 Exsanguinating Pelvic Injuries-Updates on Management Strategies Adj. Assoc. Prof. Appasamy Vijayan
10.00 Management Guidelines in Blunt Complex Pancreatico-Duodenal Injuries Dr. Jeremy Ng
10.20 Q & A  

New Tricks for Old Folks

09.00 Are We Doing Enough? Insufficiency Fractures in the Elderly Dr. Victor Seah
09.20 A New Fix for an Old Problem: Surgical Principles in the Aging Bone Dr. Hitendra Doshi
09.40 The Bionic Generation: Joint Replacements in Geriatric Trauma  A/Prof. Marinis Pirpiris
10.00 New School Versus Old School: Residency Produces Better Orthopaedic Surgeons
Dr. Remesh Kunnasegaran and Dr. Tan Sze Ern (Residents)
Asst. Prof. Danny Louange and Dr. Gowreeson Thevendran (Consultants)

10.30 Tea Break

11.00     Breakout Session

Drugs and Trauma

11.00 Novel Oral Anticoagulants – Impact on the Bleeding Trauma Patient A/Prof. Tham Kum Ying
11.25 Recreational Drugs and Alcohol Intoxication – Help From our Friendly Toxicologist Dr. Phua Dong Haur
11.50 The Trauma Patient in Pain – Optimizing Pain Management in the Resuscitation Room Dr. Tay Kwang Hui
12.15 Q & A  

Acute Care

11.00 The Role of Interval Appendectomy -
A Myth or A Reality?
Dr. Kan Yuk Man
11.20 Surgical Management of Abdominal Compartment Syndrome Dr. Michael Sugrue
11.40 Complicated Diverticulitis: What Options Do I Have? Dr. Koh Poh Koon
12.00 Diagnosis and Management of Acute Mesenteric Ischaemia Dr. Lee Kin Yan
12.20 Q & A  

Austere Medicine

11.00 Anaesthesia in a War Zone Dr. Tan Wah Tze
11.25 Austere Trauma Surgery: The East Sabah experience Dr. Rizal Imran
11.50 A Missionary Surgeon's Experience - Austere Medicine in Niger, Africa Dr. Andrew Ng
12.15 Q & A  

Spine Trauma : What You Need to Know

11.00 Clearing The Cervical Spine - Algorithm and Imaging Dr. Ling Ji Min
11.25 Pathophysiology and Management of Incomplete Spinal Cord Injuries Dr. Lester Lee
11.50 Classification of Thoracolumbar Spine Injuries: Evolution, Current Issues and Future Direction Dr. Eddie Tan
12.15 Q & A  

12.30 Lunch

13.30     Trauma Master Class

13.30 Surgeon, Scientist, Saint - Deciding on Terminating the Trauma Resuscitation Dr. Lei Wai Seng
13.50 Oops… We Missed it!  - Missed Injuries in Trauma - Impact and Preventive Strategies Dr. Kate Martin
14.10 We have Lost it!  - Maintaining Surgical Competency in the Era of Non-Operative Management in Trauma Lt. Gen. Prof. Nopadol Wora-Urai
14.30 "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" -  Where do I Start? Multi-Cavity Life-Threatening Haemorrhage in Trauma Prof. Frank Plani
14.50 Q & A

15.00 Closing & Prize Presentation