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Tackling Global Challenges in Trauma and Acute Care

Day 1

07.30 Registration
08.30 Opening Address
Dr. Teo Li Tserng

08.35     Global Overview of Trauma

08.35 Working In A World Of Global Conflict Christos Giannou
08.55 Terror Challenges: Worldwide: The Israeli Perspective  
Joseph (Jeffry) Kashuk
09.15 Sleeplessness Over Bombs and Bullets Burapat Sangthong
09.35 Staying Alert For The Impending Terorist Attack Chong Yew Lam
09.55 Q & A

10.00 Tea Break

10.30     Breakout Session

Traumatic Brain Injury

10.30 Pre-Hospital Neurosurgical Monitoring:
What Can We Do with Wearable Technology?
Kon Kam King Nicolas
10.55 Neurosurgical Decision Algorithms:
Is Quality of Life All That Matters?
Han Xinguang Julian
11.20 Cranial Reconstruction: An Unmet Need? Rao Jai Prashanth
11.45 Q & A

Facing  Terrorism - Not Just Exploding Bombs and Crazy Snipers!

10.30 Chemical Agents
Chan Wui Ling
10:45 Biological Agents Leo Yee Sin
11.00 Radiological / Nuclear Agents Chin Kuok Choon Francis
11:15 Designing our EDs to Cope with Terrorism
Eillyne Seo
11.30 Q & A

Trauma Updates I

10.30 Technological Advances in Trauma: A Current Survey Joseph (Jeffry) Kashuk
10.50 Vascular Emergencies in the
Head and Neck
Lee Kin Yan
11.10 Interventional Radiology in the
Operating Theatre
Pua Uei
11.30 Q & A

Critical Care

10.30 Goal-Directed Therapy Using Factor Concentrates in Massive Transfusion and Trauma Christopher King
10.55 Platelet Dysfunction in Trauma Chew Yin Tze


Blood is BAD!
Adverse Effects of Transfusion
Joseph (Jeffry) Kashuk
11.50 Q & A

12.00     Lunch

12.00 Lunchtime Symposium: Advances in Pain Management in Trauma Care Ong Wen Kai Damian
12.00 Lunchtime Symposium: The Australian Perspective on VTE Prophylaxis in Trauma Teo Li Tserng

13.00     Breakout Session

Burns Updates

13.00 Current Management of Adult Burn Injuries in Mass Casualty Situations Joethy Janna Vale
13.20 Acute Management of Pediatric Burn Injuries and Recent Advances in Burns Management Chew Khong Yik
13.40 Acute Resuscitation and Critical Care of Patients with Major Burn Injuries Yew Woon Si
14.00 Q & A  

Modern Challenges in Injury Prevention and Pre-Hospital Trauma Care

13.00 New Dangers and Perils on the Road Heng Wei Jian Kenneth
13.25 Preparing to Deal with the Threat of Terrorism – A Healthcare Perspective Leong Kwok Fai Mark
13.50 Tackling Acute Coagulopathy in the Pre-Hospital Setting - What’s Next? Russell Gruen and Hunter Moore
14.15 Q & A  

Free Paper Session

13.00 Platelet and Fibrin Contributions to Clot Strength in Emergency Department Trauma Patients Receiving Blood Transfusions Nathan White
13.15 Liver Injury in a Regional Trauma Centre: 3-Years’ Experience Ashok Kannan
13.30 Decompression of Tension Pneumothoraces in Asian Trauma Patients – Greater Success with Lateral Versus Anterior Approach Based on Computed Tomography Chest Wall Measurements Serene Si Ning Goh
13:45 The Evolution of Olecranon Fractures and the Fixation Strategies Ng Wei Xiang
14:00 Role of Modified Shock Index in Predicting Mortality Amongst Trauma Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department
Loh Chen Yee Marvin

Complex Knee and Tibia Injuries


Tibia Plateau Fractures

FANG, Xinshuo Christian
13.20 Reconstructing the Unstable Multi-Ligamentous Knee Fracture Dislocation Chanakarn Phornphutkul
13.40 Difficult Tibia Fractures Kwek Beng Kee Ernest
14.00 Managing Tibia Non-Union Fareed Husain Yusuf Kagda
14.20 Q & A

14.30 Tea Break

15.00     Battle of the Wits

15.00 Nearly All Aspiring Residents Can Do Well for Job Interviews, But If You Want to Test His Character, Watch Him Bake a Cake
Proposition: Khor Shao Nan & Koo Chee Hoe (SingHealth, Singapore)
Opposition: Tang Jun Han & Teo Zhe Hao, Timothy (National Healthcare Group, Singapore)
15.30 ED Physicians Make Better Leaders During the Acute Resuscitation of Severe Trauma Patients
Proposition: Bolem Nagarjun & Leong Qi Hui Faith (National University Hospital, Singapore)
Opposition: Chua Weiquan Darren & Kalpana Vijaykumar (SingHealth, Singapore):
16.00 Sexy Doctors and Nurses Lead to Better Outcomes for Their Patients
Proposition: Kwong Wing Yan & Wong Kwok Kei (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hong Kong)
Opposition: Serene Goh Si Ning & Yeo Shanwen Charleen (National Healthcare Group, Singapore)

16.30 Closing

Day 2

09.00     Breakout Session

Spinal Trauma

09.00 Spinal Cord Injury – An Increasing Problem for the Elderly? Colum Patrick Nolan 
09.20 Thoracolumbar Burst Fractures Without Neurological Deficit – Does ANY of Them Need Surgery? Ling Ji Min
09.40 Thoracolumbar Fracture Management  – The Long Term Implications With and Without Surgery Aravind Kumar
10.00 Q & A


09.00 Come Be a Part of Our First Ever Trauma Sim Wars!

See Which of Our 4 Teams of Doctors & Nurses Emerges as the Ultimate Trauma Team!

Expect Blood (fake), Gore and Chaos While the Teams Pit Their Trauma Resuscitation Skills Against Each Other in an Adrenaline Charged Session on Stage

Teams from:





10:20 Q & A  

Trauma Updates II

09.00 Management of Laryngotracheal Injuries Mayur Narayan
09.20 Pitfalls in the Management of Elderly Trauma Patients Cheng Mina
09.40 Updates on Burns Management Shim Weng Hoh Timothy
10:00 Radiographic Techniques in Trauma Imaging
Tandon Ankit Anil
10.15 Q & A

Critical Care

09.00 Trauma Anaesthesia: What's Different? What's the Big Deal? Chris Bleeker
09.20 Updates from Brain Trauma Foundation Guidelines 2016 and Decompressive Craniectomy 2017

Goh Pheck Suan June

Casualty Evacuation: Land, Sea, Air (Fixed Wing vs Rotor) Considerations and Strategies

See Hooi Geok
10.00 Anesthesiological Contribution in the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury Isabelle Huig
10.20 Q & A

10.30 Tea Break

11.00     Breakout Session

Acute Care Surgery in the Elderly

11.00 Novel Oral Anti-Coagulants (NOACs): Friend or Foe? Yuan Shiyi Flora
11.25 Perioperative Care of the Elderly Natesan Selvaganapathi
11.50 Tips and Tricks in Managing Incarcerated Groin Hernias Aung Myint Oo
12.15 Q & A

Organising Chaos: The Trauma Team Leaders' Guide to Staying Sane

11.00 Managing the Intoxicated / Combative Trauma Patient - Drugs and Smarts Goh Siang Hiong
11.25 It’s Not All Black and White –
Reading a Trauma CT
Kwan Justin
11.50 A Case of Penetrating Airway Injury –
The Need for a Systematic Approach
Peter George Manning
12.15 Q & A  

Innovations in Trauma Care

11.00 Novel Use of Embolization Techniques in Trauma Care Lawrence Quek Han Hwee
11.20 Terror Medicine: How Should Trauma Teams Prepare?  Rizal Imran
11.40 Providing Optimal Trauma Care in Rural Hospitals Burapat Sangthong
12:00 The Use of ECMO in Trauma Care Martin Wullschleger
12.15 Q & A

Using Scientific Evidence to Empower Evidence-Based Trauma Practices

11.00 How to be Well-Read in Residency and Clinical Practices
FANG, Xinshuo Christian
11.20 How Did EBM Change My Practice? - Treatment of ACJ Dislocations Chanakarn Phornphutkul
11:40 How Did EBM Drive a System-Based Change?
Chua Tjun Huat, Ivan
12.00 Q & A

12.30 Lunch

13.30     Trauma Master Class

13.30 Minimising Wastage in Massive Blood Transfusion During a Mass Casualty Situation Mayur Narayan
13.55 Five Rules A Trauma Surgeon Needs to Follow in a Tertiary Hospital in a Terrorist Attack Christos Giannou
14.20 Clinician, Mortal, Saint - How Do I Triage Civilian Casualties During Times of Crisis? Mak Seck Wai Kenneth
14.45 Q & A

15.00 Prize Presentation and Closing